一、名词 + as / though + 主语 + 动词
King as he was,he was unhappy. 他虽是国王,但他并不幸福。
Child as he is,he knows to help other. 他虽是个孩子,却知道帮助别人。
Boy as [though] he is, he likes to play with girls.=Though he is a boy,he likes to play with girls. 他虽是男孩,却喜欢与女孩子玩。
Strong man as [though] he is,General Botha has been severely put to the test during the past few weeks.= Though he is a strong man, General Botha has been severely put to the test during the past few weeks. 波赛将军虽然坚强,但在过去的数周里也受到了严峻的考验。

二、形容词 + as / though + 主语 + 动词
Successful as he is,he is not proud. 他虽然成功,但不骄傲。
Improbable as it seems,it’s true. 虽然看起来不太可能,但却是真的。
Stupid as it sounds,I was so in love with her that I believed her. 尽管听起来很愚蠢,我是如此爱她竟然相信了她的话。
Patient as he was,he didn’t like waiting that long. 他虽说有耐心,也不愿等这么长。
Beautiful though the necklace was,we thought it was over-priced. 那条项链虽然很漂亮,我们认为价钱太高。

三、副词 + as / though + 主语 + 动词
Much as I like Paris,I couldn’t live there. 尽管我喜欢巴黎,但我不能住在那里。
Hard though they tried,they couldn’t make her change her mind. 尽管他们做了很大努力,却没法让她改变主意。
Fast as you read, you can’t finish the book in two days. 尽管你读得很快,你总不能在两天之内就读完这本书。
He was unable to make much progress,hard as he tried. 尽管他做了努力,却未能取得很大进步。
【说明】有的词典将 much as 作为习语看待,认为它是一个用以引导让步状语从句的复合连词。再如:
Much as I admire him as a writer,I do not like him as a man. 他作为一名作家我很佩服他,但我却不喜欢他这个人。
Much as I like you,I couldn’t live with you. 我尽管很喜欢你,却不能和你在一起生活。

四、动词原形 + as / though + 主语 + 动词
Object as you may,I’ll go.纵使你反对,我也要去。
Try as he might,he couldn’t solve the problem. 尽管他想方设法,却未解决这个问题。
Search as they would,they would find nobody in the house. 无论怎样搜查,他们在房子里仍然没有找到一个人。
Dislike him as we may,we must acknowledge his greatness. 尽管我们不喜欢他,但必须承认他的伟大。
Lose money as I did,we got a lot of experience. 钱虽然丢了,我们却得到了许多经验。
Fail in the election as he did,he became famous for his fiery speech against slavery. 尽管落选了,但他却以其反对奴隶制的激烈演说而出了名。
【说明】主语后的动词通常为 may,might,would,did 等情态动词或助动词(若表示情态意义,则选用情态动词;若陈述事实,则用 did,do 等助动词)。
五、分词 + as / though + 主语 + 动词
Raining hard as it is, I’m going out for a walk. 虽然正在下着大雨,我还是要出去散步。
Surrounded as we were by the enemy,we managed to march forward. 虽然我们被敌人包围着,但我们还是设法前进了。
Munching the apple as he was,he had got an eye for all John’s movements. 他尽管在一个劲地嚼着苹果,但仍警惕着约翰的一举一动。